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Electrolytes For Fasting? And 5 Common Mistakes Not To Make While Fasting


Be careful while fasting! You could be doing it all wrong. Discover 5 things nobody tells you and could help you when fasting. 

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If you are on a fasting diet approved by your doctor, don’t stop! You are doing just fine, it is proven to be a good way to lose weight,  strengthen metabolism and lots of other benefits. (Read more about Intermittent Fasting by Harvard Health Publishing)

There are lots of recommendations for fasting periods, but here we will reveal to you 5 things you should do when you are fasting that nobody tells you! 


1. Start intermittent fasting progressively

It is important to be aware of what you want to achieve and what it will cost you to achieve it, without the right mentality it will be difficult for you to carry out intermittent fasting for several days. For this, it is important that you get used to your body little by little, progressively, such as reducing the amounts of food or spacing them even more in time. If you are new to fasting, you can start with an extended fast, 8-16 which means, 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting.*

2. Do not eat little amounts of breakfast: 

 Not giving your body food after hours of fasting causes it to think that it is in a state of starvation and wants to store fat. In the case of intermittent fasting, starving is not advisable. Enjoy having a good and nutritious breakfast before long periods of fasting.•

 3. Get good hours of sleep: 

When you don't get enough rest, your body doesn't have time to recover from the day before. This means an increase in your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and your ghrelin levels the next day.The result? Your exhausted 'me' will try to make up for that lack of energy through food and it will be more difficult for you to make healthy choices.•

4. Drink lots water:

You need to drink lots of water because when you are in your fasting period you are not eating anything and part of our water supply comes from food. Coffee does not work as a substitute for liquid, on the contrary, it enhances the problem. You can drink tea, but remember, NO SUGAR!•

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5. Don’t eat whatever you want when it's your turn to eat

Many people think that by fasting you can eat whatever you want for the rest of the hours, regardless of whether they are ultra-processed foods or bathed in sugar and fat, and it is a big mistake.•

Fasting is just one more step to achieve your goal of leading a healthy lifestyle, so you will have to combine it with other things such as a balanced diet or physical exercise to obtain all its benefits.

So, now that you now this 5 secrets, there is one more that could help you in long periods of fasting time, and that is, using electrolytes for fasting

Can you use electrolytes for fasting?

Sodium, potassium and calcium are some of the minerals that are naturally present in the body, but are also obtained through food and drink. You need to drink water in the morning, and also make sure you are getting enough electrolytes to help your body stay hydrated.•

While you are fasting, the needs of electrolytes, and especially sodium, increase due to the loss of minerals that occur through urine. Additionally, the loss of electrolytes will be increased by the consumption of diuretic drinks such as coffee, tea or by the effect of exercise and sweat.•

If you are looking for an electrolyte supplement for fasting, it should have no harmful fillers or additives or sneaky "other ingredients". Also it is important if they not contain sugar, colorants, common fillers, silica, magnesium stearate, talc, silicon dioxide or high fructose corn syrup. Mannuki Premium Electrolyte Supplement is  your best option for this because it is a natural way to get electrolytes in your body, and you can use them while fasting.•

Here are some other benefits of our electrolytes supplement:


  1. Salts and minerals help support electrolyte balance, rehydrate, increase energy levels and provide faster recovery for better sports endurance. Our keto electrolyte supplement helps prevent muscle cramps and leg cramps.* 
  2. Specifically formulated to help prevent hangover symptoms without harsh ingredients like taurine or pain relievers that put excess stress on your liver.•
  3. Perfect mix of electrolytes for rapid rehydration* Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium Pills, bottle with 120 capsules.
  4. This product comes with a 30-day manufacturer money back guarantee, hassle-free; Our formula is proudly made in the USA and at a certified with Good Manufacturing Practice standards facility.


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