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The 5 Best Remedies for Hangover cure : Which is the most effective?

Having a great time at a party is something we always want to do, but after a few drinks too many, you could wake up, in the morning, with an excruciatingly painful hangover, a pounding headache, fatigue, vomiting, etc. It's a total wreck.

Only the hard and strong will escape numerous bottles of alcohol unscathed. So just how much alcohol should be considered as the limit at a party? What is hangover and how do you know you've got one? Could an electrolyte dietary supplement be the best support for hangover cure? Let's find out.

What is a Hangover: the cause, its symptoms and prevention

You've got a hangover when you experience a series of symptoms like fatigue, headaches, sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds and thirst.

The number one culprit, here, is alcohol and you're feeling thirsty because you are dehydrated. Two of the effects of alcohol on a person are dehydration and reduced electrolyte levels.

Dehydration occurs because of the presence of ethanol in alcohol which results in frequent urination than normal. It's starting to get to you, right? You've always wondered why you frequently have to pee when you take alcohol - here's your answer. It's the ethanol.

Frequent urination will reduce the fluid levels in your body and leave you dehydrated in no time. When you're dehydrated, you will feel dizzy and the headaches will begin.

Another effect that alcohol has on us is electrolyte imbalance. Electrolytes (which are dissolved essential minerals in the body) are important to how the body functions and an imbalance could have fatal consequences.

Since electrolytes are found in your body fluids, when you are dehydrated, it affects the level of electrolyte in your body. Some of the symptoms include convulsion, fatigue, headache, etc.

Furthermore, consumption of alcohol can rapidly increase the production of acids in the stomach due to enzymes accumulated in the fermentation process.

 The effect of this is irritation in the stomach that results in vomiting and stomach pain.


You can prevent a hangover by avoiding alcohol altogether. Also, you can have the best hangover cure in a pill.

Rationing your alcohol intake frequency is another one.

The chances that you're getting a hangover when you take acceptable quantities of alcohol at different times in a day is a lot slimmer than say, a night of heavy drinking where you end up taking a lot more than you should.

Also - and this cannot be stressed enough - drink lots of water. Water is the ultimate fluid and it will prevent you from getting hydrated whilst you gulp down the alcohol.

The intake of alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea, too, so try to desist from doing that.

The 5 Best Hangover Cure remedies.

So you had too much to drink? Now you're fully awake feeling weak, numb, and dehydrated.

As hangover cures go, there’re so many of them out there (not surprising since people would invent all sorts of things to stop their pain).

However, we have curated, for you, 5 of the best remedies that'll help you overcome this morning-after feeling.


1. Water:

The greatest way for a hangover cure is by drinking lots of water. Alcohol has diuretic qualities that make you pee and sweat more often. Excessive intake of alcohol will also upset your stomach and cause vomiting. All of these contribute to a remarkable loss of body fluids.

Water helps rejuvenate some of these fluids but sometimes even that is not enough and you need something more. Something like electrolyte dietary supplements.

2. Electrolyte Supplements:

We've already established that dehydration also causes an imbalance in the electrolyte level in the body.

This is responsible for the numerous symptoms of a hangover like fatigue, constant headache, feeling dizzy, etc. To balance your electrolyte levels that have been depleted, these supplements are your go-to guys.

While water is great for getting your hydration back, it stops just right there. Dehydration usually isn't the only cause of a hangover, that is why electrolyte supplements are the ultimate remedies for a hangover.

They work as hydration pills, help with electrolyte level and also increase your blood sugar level (very important since the body uses up most of its sugar to break down the alcohol)

A typical hydration pill is packed with water, glucose, and electrolytes. The perfect triumvirate to cure you of your major symptoms.

Legend has it that coconut water is a great electrolyte supplement but whether that has been scientifically proven, we are unsure.

So, go, find electrolyte dietary supplements and place them by your bedside - for whenever you wake up bleary-eyed.

3. Fizzy Drinks:

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning, when you wake up with a hangover, try out a can of soft drink instead.

Another Hangover Cure is those fluids that will help you get hydrated and also contain sugar to improve your blood sugar level that has been busy trying to break down all that alcohol.


4. Painkillers:

One way for a hangover cure in an endocentric manner. So a pill to cure you of your headache.

Another for your stomach pain - like antacids that neutralize the acids in your stomach that causes irritation, vomiting and stomach pain.

It is important to know what kind of painkillers you're taking and how they will affect other parts of your body

Not to mention that there is still alcohol in your system and it is known that some painkillers do not go well with alcohol. Aspirin is one.


5. Eat Breakfast:

This can be a very great hangover cure way to help restore your blood sugar levels because most breakfast meal consists of carbohydrates which are a popular source of glucose. An oily breakfast, too, can help reduce the effect of alcohol in your system

There are mixed feelings when you wake up with a hangover and sometimes pain that could make you swear you're never taking a sip of alcohol ever again.

Yet, based on pure happenstance or habit, you are led right back to a night of heavy drinking that leaves you hungover the next morning. These remedies will help you get rid of it. From the more natural cure of drinking water to scientifically proven electrolyte dietary supplements that are efficient.


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